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Rāśis were the twelve divisions of the Celestial Sphere, of the Zodiac. [1]

The Rāśis are also the names given to the 12 divisions of the Ecliptic, of 30 degrees each. [2]

They slowly took the place of the Nakṣatras over time.[3]

Rāśis [4]
Vedic English
Meṣa Aries
Vṛṣabha Taurus
Mithuna Gemini
Karka or
Siṃha Leo
Kanyā Virgo
Tulā Libra
Vṛścika Scorpio
Dhanus Saggitarius
Makara Capricorn
Kumbha Aquarius
Mina Pisces

Angular measure

The term is also used when discussing angular measures.


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