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When writing ancient Vedic words and phrases using English letters, a transliteration must be chosen.

For example, a word written in Devanagari script, like नक्षत्र, can be understandable to an English reader if transliterated using English letters and an accent mark, like this: Nakṣatra.

The accent marks are an attempt to ensure that the original pronunciation is maintained.

The Vedic Astronomy Wiki attempts to use the same transliteration as is used in the following book:

The transliteration table is listed at the end of the Introduction section of the book.

Marks used

This transliteration uses several accents that require special methods of input on a typical computer, as follows:

name example description linux
Macron Ā A dash above a letter compose - A
Subscript dot A dot below a letter compose ! d
Superscript dot A dot above a letter compose . n
Acute ś A right-leaning mark above a letter compose ' s
Tilde ñ squiggle above the letter n compose ~ n
  • Linux note: the 'compose key' must be set up in your system settings.

How to type

These can be typed by various means on most modern computer systems. For help, please see these pages:

See Also

The International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration, described at Wikipedia, here: